Growing up we all have something that reminds us of special times in our life. A song that sparks the memory of a girl/guy we crushed on, the creosote coated smell of the boardwalk planks at the shore on a hot summers day, or the recognizable sound of the cracked manifold of a Jeep TJ…  For me, living & breathing snowboarding in early/mid 90’s, it was Bonfire Outerwear. An iconic brand that seemingly, at least to me, faded with my focus from snow to wave sliding; at least until recently, that is.

With the Brand being acquired by Pretty Great, LLC, and a new funding partner, also comes new blood and a explosion of revitalized enthusiasm, to return the brand to its formal glory, as a leader in technical outwear for snowboarders. Uhh, yeah, i’m a little excited if you could tell.

Check out the video series below and get reacquainted with the storied history of Bonfire as well as a few shameless self promoting glamor shots of myself rocking some sweet 2001 style… Oh my!

Bonfire History Pt. 1

Bonfire History Pt.2

Bonfire History Pt.3

Bonfire History Pt.3

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