Get to know who ROAMR is and what we do.


Meet Tony and Troy, the co-founders of ROAMR. It started as an evolution of JK-Adventure Jeep Forum out of found friendship and shared infatuation with jeeps and offroad.

The idea materialized over the course of what they called The Daddy Daycare Sessions (where Tony and Troy would meet up to let their respective kids play while they talked all things cool & on wheels). They realized that their zeal wasn’t just about jeeps, but vehicle-assisted-adventure in general and thus, JKA, a forum that revolved solely around the Jeep JK platform, metamorphosed into ROAMR.


Over the years we have been fortunate to have our work very well received.  Our builds have appeared in advertising/marketing campaigns, commercial ads, product releases, and even featured in several editorial outlets and YouTube channels.


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Relationship and affordable content. At its core ROAMR is all about family, friends, and shared experiences. We build vehicles that allow us to access experiences that help us create content that is less staged and more lifestyle.

Promotion without pretention we call it.

High quality marketing assets but modestly priced making the clients use of fresh content for their marketing campaigns not only attainable, but sustainable as well. It is our aspiration to cultivate personal relationships with our clients and create an environment for mutual success.


To date we offer two package plans, with several tiers in each. This gives the client ultimate flexibility to choose a package that fits their business’s needs. Whether social tags, license free photos, tradeshow vehicle displays, or a multitude of other assets/services there is something that will suit most marketing needs. Of course, if there is something specific not mentioned that is better suited, let’s chat and figure it out.

The Build Partnership Plan

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The Build Partnership Plan allows clients who are in the automotive accessory business and interested in showcasing their products on a vehicle build, the opportunity to do that while also receiving assets for their marketing campaigns.

The Excursion Partnership Plan

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The Excursion Partnership Plan allows clients with ancillary products not necessarily associated with any build in particular, the opportunity to procure the same services and marketing assets framed around the outdoor lifestyle for their campaigns.

Still have questions, reach out to Tony@roamr.life or 949.887.9216. He loves chatting.