Seemed like a fitting name for the what is becoming a very different vehicle build than the many we have done to date. Though multifaceted, the goal was simple; build a vehicle that 1. would sustain the needs of a growing, adventure seeking family, and 2. provide support, tow, and recovery needs if ever the need arose.

Stay tuned and keep checking back for updates as we push forward, towards it’s Spring debut at the 2017 Overland Expo, in Flagstaff, Arizona.

First thing a family needs is storage… and tons of it!

This is about the time when the build experienced a HARD pause for station identification. In this case, more of a donkey kick to the head for a solid dose of perspective.

As there is no sense in fixing something that ain’t broke, here’s the except I posted on FB:

“Sorry for the radio silence. Had a little set back with the Tundra build. Let me start by saying everyone is relatively alright(both parties) and thankfully, despite the car seats in the pic, I was the only one in the truck at the time. The short story is I was hit at a fairly high rate of speed by someone who blew a red light. Luckily the Tundra has a few more ponies than the old JK;-) and I was able to just get away from getting hit in the cab. Fortunate for all involved, but still unfortunate for the truck. The Tundra took good care of me, but didn’t fair so well in the end. At the end of the day, projects can be rebuilt and I’m just thankful to be here to do it.”

**Build to be continued**


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