We here at RoamR are aiming to be a hub where our shared interests collide. We want to be a place where you see “neat stuff” and discover new people to follow that share similar passions. We have started something we think is special and this is just the beginning. This is 1.0. We think the sky is the limit on this idea but we want it to be something that is created for you and by you. We welcome your feedback and want to build this site for you. This is something that the co-founders Tony and Troy are passionate about. After some great years with JK-Adventure we feel RoamR is the evolution we have been waiting for. Please bear with us, share your thoughts, and follow us as we embark on this adventure. As my dad used to say “You love it, even if you don’t know it yet”. Do us a favor and fill out the “Squawk and Win” button below…
Tony and Troy