Sema 2022

Well, it was that time again. As we have in years past, we visited the SEMA show and man was it a great showing this year! The standout word for us was VINTAGE! Lots and lots of vintage vehicles made their way into booths and featured vehicle spots.

There were originals that were preserved, originals that were highly modified and everything in-between. It was neat to see some vehicles that were less than perfect, which in our eyes, makes them perfect. We always appreciate the attention to details but having some character never hurt either. Crust, rusty and yet a mix of nice fit and finish with high-end products is our jam.

In addition, there were quick a few new Jeep JL’s and Jeep concepts. It was a really great offering this year in terms of products. Contrary to 2021, it was a fresh set of NEW and INNOVATIVE products shown in the upper south hall.

While we enjoy walking the million+ square feet at the Las Vegas Convention Center, our main hall, is in the north. That is were most of our industry demographic displays. It’s like the Disneyland of jeeps and jeep parts!  We had a blast covering the show and look forward to next year when we will hopefully see more!!!

Grab some popcorn, a beer and sit back and relax while you check a sampling of our photos below from the show!

Is this post your jam?