FOR SALE: 550 HP Supercharged 2017 Limited 4×4 Tundra

KBB value of just the truck $38,500
$54,950 parts and labor
$93,300 Value


Get your hands on the fastest and overall one of the best builds RoamR has produced    beyond a turn key truck.

Everything you would ever want is on this truck, ready to take you on your next adventure. Travels highways speeds like on a cloud, tow with its 10k capacity with EASE with its 550 HP and 550 Torque. ENJOY better gas mileage than stock motor. Averages 14mpg WITH A HEAVY FOOT! Fully equipped for any and all duties this truck really is a one-stop shop for the ultimate go anywhere truck, and if you don’t wanna go there, tow what you want to “there”.

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