You know that phrase/question, “working hard or hardly working?”, well here at RoamR we are often, to quite often working hard. But this past weekend we got to go out on a “work trip” to represent a few of our favorite companies with some photos. Even though we worked hard, it was the type of work that is so fun that it made us feel as though we hardly worked at all! Check out some photo loot below.

Co Founder

Troy (a.k.a. RoamR One)

This trip was a special one for me as it was the culmination of our brain child RoamR making strides and the start of my intentional legacy I am starting with my sons. I got to take my oldest out with me and have some quality time messing around basecamp, playing pokemon, watching iPad movies, making fire, eating LOTS of food and sleeping in the Jeep Tree Fort (roof top tent).
I grew up camping out of a trailer and some of my fondest memories are sleeping in the upper bunk of that trailer. Now we have the class C RV and it too has an over cab upper bunk that all three boys can sleep in. This Jeep adventure vehicle with the RTT is great as well for quicker trip with just one or two boys.
The ability to usher my sons into manhood equipped for challenges, ready to adventure and taught the gem of survival skills is a mind blowing and humbling season of life.
I don’t count myself as lucky but as blessed. I try to more often than not, take advantage of the moment and stay present. Never give up on your dreams and keep pressing forward to make your future what you want it to be.

Co Founder

Tony (a.k.a. Tango D)

This was a benchmark trip for me. I never grew up camping, just wasn’t something we did, which was fine, because we did a lot of other stuff. A lot of which I never reflected on much while in the moment, but more so later in life. Looking back on those family trips we took growing up, I realized now, they will forever be a part of me. Some, I am luckily able to revisit, others lost to time and will live only in my fond memories.
For me it was having kids and the idea that in the palm of our hands, we have the opportunity to decide (at least for now) what those reflections of family adventures will look like 10, 20, or even 30 years down the road. The molding of memories. Talk about a brain melt moment. What a feeling. Almost a rebirth, or the gift of being granted a do over. The possibilities, endless.
This was my kids first camping trip. Me only a modest few more trips under my belt then they; Vermont, North Carolina, California and Mexico to name a few. Not sure who learned more; the kids, or the dad with kids. Time will tell, for the road ahead, smooth or bumpy, for sure calls. Let the adventures begin.

And for an encore, a little fun out in the desert.

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