Things are never how we remember them. People change. places change. We change. As the world gets smaller in the digital and social media sharing age, we have all have become explorers in a sense, only now we can do it from the palm of our hand on the commuter train into work. Does pure exploration still exist? Sure, and probably will for some time. But change is inevitable and it doesn’t have to be all bad. But along with an area’s growth in popularity, comes increasing stress on the environment to support the waves of new age explorers.  The question then becomes, how can we give back to the places we love, that are increasingly visited by more and more travelers and yet keep it pure for generations to come.

Check out the following short film, directed by Nathan Myers and read the rest of the story about Gerry Lopez’s first experience surfing Uluwatu in 1974, thru to his return forty years later to host a yoga retreat, surf, and help preserve this place for generations to come.

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